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ECNAIS : European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools

Management Committee Meeting | Seminars

The growth of Independent schools. A school open for the challenges of tomorrow

Katowice, Poland | 21 - 23 November 2018


In the complex context of new developments in neurosciences applied to education and new developments in the European political arena, participants in the ECNAIS Katowice seminar 2018 are invited to reflect on how key ideas and practices may impact their day to day work at school and how the independent sector is preparing itself to face societal challenges.

The seminar in Katowice is a follow-up on the conference in Kiev in April 2018. We are now visiting a country where private schools were established in a large number immediately following the changes in society in 1989. The growth of the independent school sector has continued ever since. These schools are part of the post-communist society and play an important role in the foundation of modern Poland.

The seminar takes place in Katowice, the capital city of Upper Silesia. The population of the city is nearly 300,000 citizens, and there are about 4,5 million inhabitants in the region. The purpose of

the seminar is to give an idea of how the enduring, enthusiastic and necessary educational development is taking place in practice. With the polish educational system in mind, we will be introduced to how knowledge, tradition and visions for the future meet the challenges of today and initiate new pedagogy.

Two keynote speakers will present their thoughts and experience about teaching methods currently affecting the educational debate and discuss the neurodidactical approach to education. Their point of departure is that building good relationships at school, promoting creativity and active teaching methods will result in positive educational outcomes.
A third keynote speaker will present the current state of affairs regarding education at the European Union and the new impetus in a European education policy after the last Social Summit in Götenborg.


Wednesday 21th November
14:00 / 17:00 Management Committee Meeting
Open to MC members only
Thursday 22th November – HOTEL
Jolanta Kaluza
Organizational Committee
Chairperson from Silesia
Chairperson from Silesia
Rodrigo Melo
ECNAIS Chairman
10:00 Marek Dykier, MA
Welcome to Silesia. The history of the region Silesia
10:30 Marzena Żylinska, PhD
“Obviousness or heresy?”
Dialogue included
11:50 Marek Kaczmarzyk, PhD
“Neurobiological conditions of relations and motivation”
Dialogue included
13:00 LUNCH at the Hotel
14:30 Daniel Wisniewski
European Federation of Education Employers
“Education at the European Union and the new Impetus in a European Education Area”
Dialogue included
16:00 Anna Szulc, MSc, Izabella Gorczyca MA, Luiza Kalinowska, MA
Panel: Modern methods in teaching – related to practice
17:00 Jolanta Kałuża, MA
We did it: How we raised our private and alternative schools from 1992 to 2018
Dialogue included
17:30 Schools presentations and registration for School visits
18:00 Moment for payments in cash
19:30 DINNER
At the Hotel
Friday 23th November — HOTEL / SCHOOLS
8:30 Travel to Schools
9:00 School visit
13:00 LUNCH at the Hotel
14:00 Reflection by 3 members of ECNAIS on the Polish situation, seen against the background of their own countries
15:30 Working groups session
Plenary introduction of the working Groups’ session. The theme of the Conference will be discussed in the groups
18:30 Leaving Hotel for Gala Dinner

The seminar will take place at the
Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace Katowice/Chorzów
Paderewskiego 35, 41-500 Chorzów


Registration can be done on line only:

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