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ECNAIS : European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools

Annual General Meeting | Conferences | On focus

The curriculum of independent schools – matching values and daily practice

Stockholm, Sweden | 26 - 28 April 2020

The Conference has been canceled because covid-19 situation. 

The conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden and the theme will be the curriculum at independent schools considering daily practices and the values of the school.

The General Meeting of ECNAIS will take place on the afternoon of the 26th April and the programme will end on the afternoon of the 28th April.… Read

Educational freedom and democratic changes – the role of Independent Schools in Ukraine. A European perspective.

Kiev, Ukraine | 19 - 21 April 2018

As representatives of a vital part of civil society, independent schools are important players in the process of democratization of the whole of society. Furthermore, there is growing evidence that independent schools are an important source of innovation and quality in national education systems. However, the status and role of independent schools varies greatly within Europe as national school systems are the outcome of long cultural-historical processes.… Read

Modern soft skills in value based school programmes

Rome, Italy | 20 - 22 April 2017

The independent schools’ response to the challenge of improving the social and economic future of young people
We are becoming increasingly aware that the world in which the young generation will start their adult life will differ a hugely from the world as we know it today.
Many rapid social, technological and economic changes are taking place. Different kinds of national and international think tanks,… Read

The empowerment of society through freedom of education

Athens, Greece | 14 - 16 April 2016

The right to education, the freedom of parental school choice and the freedom to establish schools on the basis of self chosen religious, philosophical or pedagogical ideas are well known European values, e.g. mentioned as fundamental citizens’ rights within the EU.
These human rights and fundamental freedoms go as far back as the first Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights,… Read

Self-evaluation as part of a culture of school improvement

Istanbul, Turkey | 16 - 17 April 2015

We officially invite you, representatives of the member associations of ECNAIS, board members/ headmasters/ teachers of your own organization and other interested persons, to attend the ECNAIS Conference/AGM in Istanbul, Turkey on 16-18 April 2015.
This year the Conference will be organized in good cooperation with our ECNAIS member in Turkey, the Turkish Private Schools Association, which wants to make your stay in Istanbul a special one.… Read

The meaning of Lifelong Learning for Civil Society and its impact on Independent Schools

Mallorca, Spain | 10 - 12 April 2014

“ The 2014 European elections will provide the right moment to think about the future of learning in Europe ”.
This is the opening statement of the manifesto ‘Building together the future of learning‘ of the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL).
The acknowledgement of the role played by European organizations in education and training by implementing an open,… Read

Schools as reservoirs of hope – The new landscapes for Independent Schools: opportunities and boundaries

The Hague, The Netherlands | 18 – 20 April 2013

Our aim is to reflect on the new landscapes for Independent Schools.
We consider landscapes as a metaphor for educational systems with their own identity, composed of various elements and layers. To understand a landscape we have to

  • take note of the individual and the community;
  • operate in a diversity of scales;
  • take into account existing relationships (individual and group);


Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Independent Schools

Bratislava, Slovakia | 19 - 21 April 2012


The independent schools are significant players providing diversity in education, supported by the national organizations. They take an active part in the civil society. The role played differs from country to country, but in each country the visions, ideas and experiences born in the independent schools are important inputs for the development of tomorrow’s education.
Each school has its own identity,… Read

The Independent Sector & Diversity in Education: Creating a Learning Society

Warsaw, Poland | 17 18 November 2011


Supported by the EU with a grant from the Lifelong Learning Programme: Jean Monnet
During the conference we will explore an overview of the different tracks in the policy and the public and academic debate about diversity in education. Different approaches on national, European and also at school level. Together with researchers we will reflect on diversity in education from different concepts and from a variety of daily practices in schools.… Read

Diversity in education: Struggle for life or Creating the future

Madrid, Spain | 12 - 14 May 2011


Our intension is, on the one hand, to illustrate the pressure the independent schools and there national organizations face in the different European Countries today as a result of political initiatives caused by the economic crisis.
On the other hand, we want to open our minds to try to take an unprejudiced view of the future by looking to new challenges and possibilities for the independent schools.… Read