EMIE Policy Event at European Parliament

14th February | Brussels

The Policy Event "Educational Pluralism: a cornerstone to achieve inclusive education”, hosted by MEP Benjumea, took place in the European Parliament on the 14th February.

In this Policy event, organized by ECNAIS, OIDEL and ECSWE (EMIE) and with the support of CEU-CEFAS, there was presented the results of two studies: a research by OIDEL and UNIR that presents a quantitative analyses of educational freedom worldwide and a study by CEU-CEFAS and OIDEL that explores how protecting parents’ freedom to choose education for their children can lead to greater social cohesion in Europe.

In this meeting the EU education stakeholders discussed the meaning of the results of these studies for the development of the future EU education policies.


Freedom of Education report here

research relating freedom of education and social inclusion factors