ECNAIS webinar - ENLE network

The ECNAIS webinar will be at 16 February 2024, 9:00 hrs - 10:00 hrs. 

The topic of the ECNAIS webinar is: "School leaders in independent school as creators of learning environments."
Most independent schools are because of their background and traditions capable to let teachers take their role into the development of education, therefore creating learning environments throughout the school. The role of the school leader in this is essential.

Speakers in the webinar will be:

  • Radka Karagiozova and/or Annie Angelova and/or Maria Kamenova, Bulgaria, on ”Leaders as Innovators.” Aspects covered: change management: innovation, how to implement and when does it become part of a natural educational environment.
  • Jakub Dvorak, Czech Republic, on Independent schools and special education: frontrunners. Aspects covered: independent schools turned out to be frontrunners in Czech Republic with implementing special education. Why was that?
  • Serap Sarıgül Hazar, Turkey, on Positive School Leadership. School leader who not only establishes rules and oversees the school but also actively engages, lives, and is visible in the school environment, can significantly impact the community through positive communication with all stakeholders. Positive communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership.

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