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ECNAIS : European Council of National Associations of Independent Schools

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The curriculum of independent schools – matching values and daily practice

Stockholm, Sweden | 26 - 28 April 2020

The Conference has been canceled because covid-19 situation. 

The conference will take place in Stockholm, Sweden and the theme will be the curriculum at independent schools considering daily practices and the values of the school.

The General Meeting of ECNAIS will take place on the afternoon of the 26th April and the programme will end on the afternoon of the 28th April.


In a democracy, a well-functioning sector of independent education is one of the pillars of a living civil society. Every independent school is based on certain values, and it is the parents` right to choose the school with which they most identify themselves.

An independent school is only really independent when certain conditions are in place. The most important conditions for the independence of the independent education sector are:

– a clear and unchallenged right to open and run schools (preferably founded in the constitution);

– the right of the schools to, following national labor law, recruit and dismiss management, teachers and other staff.

– the freedom of schools to manage their resources, namely financial resources.

– the right of the schools to define their own curriculum according to their values and educational project.

This conference focusses on the curriculum and how independent schools develop and adapt their curriculum on the basis of their values. Practical examples will be shared.

We hope this conference inspires participants and helps them reflect on the opportunities within their national framework to get better conditions for independent education in the future.

This conference offers a unique opportunity for pupils and teachers to present their views on how independent schools can develop, adapt and renew their curriculum based on commonly shared values. In other words, how your school values are translated and implemented into daily school life. Therefore, we specifically invite students and teachers to attend the conference and share their view and experiences.

A visit to independent schools in Stockholm will be part of the conference programme.


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